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US Army Special Forces Handbook

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US Army Special Forces Handbook - Demolitions-Tactics-Weapons-Air Operations-First Aid-Survival - Department of the Army.

Here are the techniques and tactics that make the US Army Special Forces the most highly skilled soldiers in the world.  Trained to succeed in specialized operations such as reconnaissance, unconventional warfare, and counter-terrorism, these soldiers undergo an extremely rigorous selection process and operate under the principles of self-sufficiency, stealth, speed and close teamwork.  Here professional fighters and casual readers will find detailed instructions for survival in hostile environments, improvising explosives, organizing a raid, carrying out air operations and much more.  Over a dozen weapons, from rifles to submachine guns to rocket launchers, are described with illustrations of each.  Morse codes are included in a thorough chapter on combat communications.  Handy and concise, this manual was designed to be carried by soldiers into the field.  Now it is available for anyone who wants to understand the inner workings of the US Army Special Forces.




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