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Survival Gear and Equipment

Survival Gear and Equipment

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SAS Jungle Survival

CODE: ML3120

List price: $11.95

Our price : $8.95

You save: $3.00 (25%)
SAS Jungle Survival - Barry Davies  BEM   The Special Air Services operates worldwide, often in remote and hostile locations where nature poses as much of a hazard as any enemy.  In order to stay alive and complete their mission, SAS personnel are...[more]

SAS Active Library: Emergency Medic

CODE: ML2303

List price: $15.95

Our price : $8.95

You save: $7.00 (44%)
SAS Active Library Emergency Medic - Barry Davies BEM The worst fear of every climber, skier or anyone working outdoors is to be injured far from home where the terrain or remoteness of the location can turn a minor problem into a major one, or make a simple injury...[more]



Price : $11.95

SURVIVAL SIGNAL MIRROR. Mil-Spec scratch resistant glass survival signaling mirror with aiming grid for unmatched accuracy. Easy to use instructions are printed right on the back of the mirror. Signal can bee seen for miles, even in hazy weather conditions. Includes lanyard....[more]

Swiss Tech BodyGard PTX

CODE: KF0031

Price : $11.95

Swiss Tech BodyGard PTX™ 3 tools in One!  Auto Emergency Tool. For when doors or windows fail to operate due to vehicle damage, fire or submersion. 1. Glass Breaker: Spring loaded. Automatically deploys when pressed against side or rear window.  2. Seat Belt...[more]

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