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Survival Gear and Equipment

Survival Gear and Equipment

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CODE: RD0024

Price : $11.95

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OUTDOOR RADIO and FLASHLIGHT COMBO. This compact Flashlight radio offers three integrated functions in one unit. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, it features a wide beam flashlight, a highly sensitive AM/FM radio with built-in speaker and flexible antenna, An...[more]


CODE: MK0451-R

Price : $0.50

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P-51 CAN OPENER. This larger version of a P-38 is designed to open T-ration trays and larger sized commercial grade cans, but works just as well on standard sized cans as well. NEW.   This image shows the size difference between a P-38 and a P-51 [more]


CODE: FS4586-R

Price : $1.95

PLASTIC MATCHBOX. Now available in both Olive Drab and Orange. Water proof plastic container to store matches.  Fire starter at the bottom of container.  Mirror in cover.  Small convenient size.   (Matches not included.) NEW.

SAS Active Library: Emergency Medic

CODE: ML2303

List price: $15.95

Our price : $8.95

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SAS Active Library Emergency Medic - Barry Davies BEM The worst fear of every climber, skier or anyone working outdoors is to be injured far from home where the terrain or remoteness of the location can turn a minor problem into a major one, or make a simple injury...[more]

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