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Sniper Data Books and Gear

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Camouflage Ghillie Blanket Kit

CODE: GF7740-M

Price : $29.95

Out of stock

CAMOUFLAGE BLANKET KIT. Kit includes everything necessary to easily construct a 4 foot by 8 foot camouflage Ghillie blanket. Seven different shades of dyed fire-retardant burlap fibers, 3/4 inch nylon netting. Available in Desert Camouflage ONLY.


CODE: GF65117-R

Price : $22.95

RIFLE RAG. You camouflage yourself, so why not your gun? Don't let your weapon give you away. Simply, The Rifle Rag is a rifle wrap that is a six foot piece of O.D. Green elastic webbing with dyed jute/burlap or synthetic material tied onto it and then looped around a rifle or...[more]

Sniper Training and Employment TC 23-14

CODE: ML7066

Price : $6.95

Out of stock

Sniper Training and Employment Department of the Army training circular TC23-14 provides Army doctrine for the tactical employment of the infantry sniper to insure their survival on the battlefield. Covered in 192 pages is a historical background, information on how to train...[more]

One Shot One Kill Patch

CODE: 507005-I

Price : $3.95

ONE SHOT ONE KILL Patch. measures 5.5"x4.5" available in either Full color (Red, Yellow, and Gold), Subdued (OD and Black), or Desert Subdued (Not Pictured)

Sniler Skull and Crossbones Patch

CODE: 507003-I

Price : $2.95

SNIPER SKULL AND CROSSBONES PATCH. Measures 2.5"x3" available in Black and White or Subdued (not pictured)

Ace of Spades Death Card Patch

CODE: 507002-I

Price : $2.95

ACE OF SPADES DEATH CARD. Available in Subdued or White. 4"x2.75".

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