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Sniper Data Books and Gear

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One Shot One Kill Patch

CODE: 507005-I

Price : $3.95

ONE SHOT ONE KILL Patch. measures 5.5"x4.5" available in either Full color (Red, Yellow, and Gold), Subdued (OD and Black), or Desert Subdued (Not Pictured)


CODE: GF65113-R

Price : $69.95

Out of stock

PAINTBALL GHILLIE SUIT. The Paintball Ghillie Suit is ready made. Ghillie material is tied into a netting that fits over the mask used by paintball players. This design of the ghillie suit covers head, shoulders, upper arms and torso. Weighs only 3.5 lbs.! Comes with one...[more]


CODE: GF65117-R

Price : $22.95

RIFLE RAG. You camouflage yourself, so why not your gun? Don't let your weapon give you away. Simply, The Rifle Rag is a rifle wrap that is a six foot piece of O.D. Green elastic webbing with dyed jute/burlap or synthetic material tied onto it and then looped around a rifle or...[more]

Sniler Skull and Crossbones Patch

CODE: 507003-I

Price : $2.95

SNIPER SKULL AND CROSSBONES PATCH. Measures 2.5"x3" available in Black and White or Subdued (not pictured)

Sniper Training and Employment TC 23-14

CODE: ML7066

Price : $6.95

Out of stock

Sniper Training and Employment Department of the Army training circular TC23-14 provides Army doctrine for the tactical employment of the infantry sniper to insure their survival on the battlefield. Covered in 192 pages is a historical background, information on how to train...[more]


CODE: SV1007

Price : $2.00

SNIPER VEIL / BODY COVER. Polyester Netting cover is designed to be worn as a veil and is shown in the image to the left wrapped around a Styrofoam head. The veil measures a giant 60 Inches Wide by 100 Inches long, so not only will this conceal your head but quite possibly...[more]


CODE: HR7348-L

Price : $34.95

UNIVERSAL FOLDING BIPOD. This high quality aluminum bipod features a Picatinny mount and a swivel stud adapter for mounting on virtually any rifle configuration. Spring-operated, Posi-Lock legs fold and are fully adjustable from 9" to 11" and allow for approximately 10 degrees...[more]

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