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SAS Active Library: Emergency Medic

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SAS Active Library Emergency Medic - Barry Davies BEM

The worst fear of every climber, skier or anyone working outdoors is to be injured far from home where the terrain or remoteness of the location can turn a minor problem into a major one, or make a simple injury potentially lifethreatening.  However, help is now at hand.  Based on the skills taught to SAS medical specialists, this compact but authoritative manual of emergency medical techniques and procedures could literally save your life.


Designed to be used to manage illnesses and injuries with confidence when professional assistance is not readily available, it covers the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions including burns, fractures and damaged tissue, wound infection, infectious diseases and those brought on by contaminated food or water or environmental conditions.  Evacuation and rescue techniques are also outlined in detail to improve your chances of survival.

Emergency Medic is an essential addition to the backpacks of independent travellers and everyone involved in outdoor pursuits.


Barry Davies served with the SAS for almost 20 years and was awarded the BEM for his part in ending the terrorist hijack of a German airliner in 1977.


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