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RANGER RICK'S RANGER DIGEST are a series of handbooks dedicated to teaching soldiers, campers, hikers, survivalists and other outdoor enthusiasts, how to survive and thrive in an outdoor environment through 'real world' field expedient know-how. The author, Ranger Rick F. Tscherne is a retired US Army Ranger, Drill Instructor and Trainer/advisor, shows through this series of books many useful and unusual outdoor tips and tricks of the trade that come only from experience in the field. Everything from how to take a dump in the woods, make survival kits, modify and improve military and commercial outdoor gear to jokes, stories and tons of other entertaining and pertinent information. These are not your typical boring military manuals, they contain the really important stuff that only experience can teach. No doubt you'll be amazed with Ranger Rick's simple know-how techniques and ingenuity that you'll say to yourself, "now why didn't I think of that?" Currently there are nine different volumes and each book contains 96 fully illustrated pages of entirely different information, and no tip or trick is ever repeated.

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