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Navy Oxygen Breathing Apparatus (OBA), Type A-3

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 Navy Oxygen Breathing Apparatus (OBA), Type A-3. Genuine US Navy surplus. This unit would make a great display or costume item, rubber hoses and head suspension have dry rotted but can be easily replaced. The Type A-3 OBA replaced the Type A-2 in 1953 and was used by the US Navy until well into the 1970s when it was replaced by the Type A-4 which is still in use today. This surplus item is sold as-is and is non returnable. If you have any questions or would like to see more photos. please feel free to contact us. Canisters are not included.

Oxygen Breathing Apparatus (OBA), Type A-3
The Type A-3 OBA started replacing the Type A-2 OBA in 1953. It was a self-contained, closed-circuit device. Oxygen, generated by chemicals in a canister, could be exhaled, independent of the surrounding atmosphere, for approximately 60 minutes, the effective time limit of the oxygen supply.

The rubber face piece of the Type A-3 OBA had head straps, a set of plastic eyepieces, a speaking diaphragm, and a rubber mouth piece. The harness was at the back of the wearer, with a “D” ring in the center to attach a life-line. A timer was in view of the wearer, with a bell that could be set in minutes prior to space entry; it sounded for eight seconds to warn when the canister required changing.

Personnel were able to change canisters in a toxic or smoke-filled atmosphere if required. A quick-start chloride candle could be used for an immediate supply of oxygen, which was sufficient until normal reaction started.

The Type A-3 OBA was used to fight fires and to enter a toxic atmosphere or gas-filled compartment. It could also be used to work in partially flooded compartments; however, the wearer had to be extremely careful, particularly when there could be oil or fuel in the water. Mixtures of oil or fuel with chemicals in the canister could cause a serious explosion.

The Type A-3 OBA remained in service through the early 1970s, when they were replaced by the Type A-4 OBA, which is still in use today.


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