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MEALS READY TO EAT (MRE), Individual Meal

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MEALS READY TO EAT. Commonly known as MRE are currently the U.S. militaries field ration of choice. Made by the same companies that make them for the military our civilian packaged MREs are the same has thing that US troops are fed. Prepackaged individual meals contain an entree, crackers, condiments, desert, and more. Each individual meal is packaged in a 5.5"x 11" heavy plastic bag and have an average shelf life of ten years. NEW. Brand, packaging, and contents may differ from pictured rationsl. This item is non-returnable. Cannot be shipped out of the United States. Sorry, choice of meal is not available.
Author: Phillip Owen
Date added: 10/05/2008, 12.07.46 PM


Ordered 2 of these just to try them and the meals are great. Only issue was the listing stated that a heater came with each meal and neither of mine had heaters.

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