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“MAMBA”COMBAT FIGHTING SLING. Weapons slings currently on the market are designed to carry weapons, period. Furthermore, the designs of conventional fore-aft mounted slings have not kept pace with the latest weapons developments. 3-point style slings have many drawbacks; they get snagged on weapon and body mounted gear, they are complicated to use and can be too specialized for all around combat use, and they don’t give the wearer any flexibility when it comes to using the weapon as a no-fire fighting tool. The MAMBA combat fighting sling is the first weapon sling to incorporate a built-in S-T-R-E-T-C-H element to facilitate a “Barrel-Thump” against an opponent!

Features and Benefits of the MAMBA:

• Allows wearer to Muzzle-strike an opponent:
• Unique S-T-R-E-T-C-H feature allows wearer to strike an opponent with weapon muzzle (“barrel-thump”) while still having the weapon in a slung and in ready position.
• Compatible with SOPMOD components: Static-side mounted “Traverse” strap keeps sling from tangling-up in weapons mounted sighting / lighting and carrying systems.
• Fast and easy transitions: Tensioned triangle design virtually eliminates interference with body-mounted load bearing equipment, especially during weapon transitions and rope-in situations.
• Tangle/Twist - free: Tubular web design is super strong and virtually twist / tangle-free.
• Custom positioning: “Speed-lok” feature allows wearer to custom position and balance weapon according to situational requirements.
• Quiet and Fast: The “MAMBA” does not use any sort of metal snap clips, Velcro or any other noise making hardware. There is no clip and ring to re-set after each use…KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!

The "MAMBA" Designed to fit the new generation of weapons being fielded by our Special Operations forces. The mandate was simple: Create a sling system versatile enough for any number of combat scenarios, yet simple and effective to use. This is the sling that fills the needs for today’s style of weapon and warfare!

Black ballistic nylon. Available to fit either Standard AR-15/M-16 stock or collapsible M4 carbine stock as pictured. NEW. (Weapon not included.)



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