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Unconventional Warfare Devices - Incendiaries, TM 31-201-1

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UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE DEVICES AND TECHNIQUES - INCENDIARIES. 5.5"x8.5" Department of the Army technical manual TM31-201-1 designed for use by U.S. Special Forces. 155 page manual covers all aspects of incendiary systems including the incendiary devices, means for igniting them, techniques for their use, methods of improvising them and sources of material supply. Written for U.S. Army Special Forces to be used in the field. Chapters on incendiary systems tools and techniques, initiators, fuse cord, improvised string fuse and others. Ignites sugar-chlorate fire fudge subigniter for thermite and many others. Chapters on incendiary materials napalm (Improvised) paraffin sawdust, fire bottles and much more.

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