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Sniper Training and Employment TC 23-14

CODE: ML7066

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Sniper Training and Employment Department of the Army training circular TC23-14 provides Army doctrine for the tactical employment of the infantry sniper to insure their survival on the battlefield. Covered in 192 pages is a historical background, information on how to train...[more]


CODE: ML7052

Price : $6.95

SURVIVAL. 5.5"x8.5" Department of the Army field manual FM21-76 written to help a soldier to acquire the skill necessary to evade and escape the enemy and to survive in remote and desolate areas such as the arctic, desert, jungle, and on the ocean. 285 pages are packed with...[more]

Survival is a Dying Art

CODE: ML7133

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Survival is a Dying Art - Barry Davies / Phil Beynon.  Barry Davies' lifetime of adventure has sharpened his awareness of the urgent need to live in harmony with the environment, and reinforced his respect for the Great Outdoors. Always a countryman at heart, his...[more]

Survival,Evasion and Recovery FM 21-76-1

CODE: ML21761

Price : $6.95

Survival,Evasion and Recovery/JUNE 1999 Over 104 pages of how to survive, evade & recover. This book gives much detail to concealment, movement, what to eat and how to test for poisonous foods. A very useful tool to any one that wants the knowledge of survival and how to cope...[more]


CODE: ML1528-R

Price : $14.95

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THE OFFICIAL UNITED STATES NAVY SEAL WORKOUT presents an accurate documentation of the demanding physical training (or P.T., as it's known in military circles) that Navy SEAL trainees encounter at BUD/S. The physical expectations of these men are awesome...but they are...[more]

The Poor Man's James Bond, Vol.1

CODE: ML5034-T

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The Poor Man's James Bond, Vol.1 Intended originally for the political Right, The Poor Man's James Bond is now geared for use by the Civil Authorities. It embodies all the practical paramilitary knowledge collected and studied by dissident groups through-out America. It is a...[more]

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