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CODE: ML5075

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NBC PROTECTION. 8.5"x11" Department of the Army Field Manual FM 3-4 This fully illustrated manual is the US Army's primary doctrinal reference on individual and collective protection against nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) hazards.


CODE: ML5145

Price : $8.00

NBC HANDBOOK 5.5"x8.5" U.S. Army Chemical School Field Circular FC 3-7. This illustrated manual provides needed information for chemical staff personnel and leaders on nuclear, biological, and chemical defense fundamentals of contamination avoidance, protection, and...[more]

Modern Chemical Magic

CODE: ML9547-T

Price : $6.95

Modern Chemical Magic By John D. Lippy, Jr. Introduction by Harry Blackstone, world famous magician. Chapters on water to wine, water to beer, invisible inks, famous German spy formula, luminous paints, luminous inks, chemical jokes, professional magic. Over 250 jokes,...[more]

Military Explosives, TM 9-2900

CODE: ML7278-T

Price : $6.95

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MILITARY EXPLOSIVES. 5.5"x8.5" Department of the Army Technical Manual TM 9-2900. Illustrated manual on the use, purpose and manufacture of military explosives. Chapters cover the manufacture an granulation of smokeless powder, storage and inspection. Also manufacture of...[more]

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