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Boobytraps FM 5-31

CODE: ML7050

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Boobytraps Chapters include introduction and principles of boobytraps, basic doctrine, planning and installation, equipment firing devices, demolition materials including small missile construction techniques, miscellaneous boobytraps from improvised materials. Also chapter...[more]

Rigging TM 5-725

CODE: ML7029

Price : $6.95

Rigging Covers the types of Rigging and the application of fiber rope, wire rope and chains used in various combination to raise or move heavy loads. Chapters on knots, splices and attachment. Hoisting chains and hooks, slings and much more. Very well illustrated. 136 pages....[more]

Sniper Training and Employment TC 23-14

CODE: ML7066

Price : $6.95

Sniper Training and Employment Department of the Army training circular TC23-14 provides Army doctrine for the tactical employment of the infantry sniper to insure their survival on the battlefield. Covered in 192 pages is a historical background, information on how to train...[more]

Modern Chemical Magic

CODE: ML9547-T

Price : $6.95

Modern Chemical Magic By John D. Lippy, Jr. Introduction by Harry Blackstone, world famous magician. Chapters on water to wine, water to beer, invisible inks, famous German spy formula, luminous paints, luminous inks, chemical jokes, professional magic. Over 250 jokes,...[more]


CODE: ML5023

Price : $7.00

40-MM GRENADE LAUNCHERS M79. May 1965. 8.5"x11". Department of the Army Field Manual FM 23-31. Illustrated manual contains a discussion of the M79 Grenade Launcher and its characteristics, disassemble/assembly procedures, launcher controls and sighting equipment, operation...[more]

MACHINEGUN 7.62-MM, M-60, FM 23-67

CODE: ML5005

Price : $7.00

MACHINEGUN 7.62-MM, M-60. 8.5"x11". Department of the Army Field Manual FM 23-67. Illustrated manual contains a discussion of the M-60 Machinegun and it's characteristics, disassembly/assembly procedures, sighting equipment, operation and functioning, types and functioning of...[more]

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