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CODE: ML7031

Price : $5.95

JUNGLE OPERATIONS. 5.5"x8.5" Department of the Army field manual FM31-35 describes the common and distinguishing characteristics of the three major geographical jungle areas of the world. 124 page manual covers the effects of jungle conditions on troops, equipment,...[more]

M-1 GARAND, TM9-1005-222-12

CODE: ML7008

Price : $5.95

M-1 GARAND. 5.5"x8.5" Department of the Army Technical Manual TM9-1005-222-12. M-1 Garand Rifle cal. .30 M-1, 30 M-1C (Snipers) and .30 MID (Snipers). General description, operation instructions, covers ammunition, list of repairs parts, exploded parts break down including...[more]

MACHINEGUN 7.62-MM, M-60, FM 23-67

CODE: ML5005

Price : $7.00

MACHINEGUN 7.62-MM, M-60. 8.5"x11". Department of the Army Field Manual FM 23-67. Illustrated manual contains a discussion of the M-60 Machinegun and it's characteristics, disassembly/assembly procedures, sighting equipment, operation and functioning, types and functioning of...[more]

Methods Of Long Term Underground Storage

CODE: ML5058

Price : $9.95

Out of stock

Methods Of Long Term Underground Storage This booklet gives the reader detailed instructions on how to prepare basic materials (coins, firearms, ammunition, etc.) for long term storage underground. Details are provided on Aboveground Storage, Use of Cosmoline, Plastic...[more]

Military Explosives, TM 9-2900

CODE: ML7278-T

Price : $6.95

Out of stock

MILITARY EXPLOSIVES. 5.5"x8.5" Department of the Army Technical Manual TM 9-2900. Illustrated manual on the use, purpose and manufacture of military explosives. Chapters cover the manufacture an granulation of smokeless powder, storage and inspection. Also manufacture of...[more]

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