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STREAMLIGHT SIDEWINDER MILITARY LED TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT. Four 'bulb' system features a Super-bright white LED, Red LED, Blue LED, and a IR / IFF LED. Read on to find out why this light is worth every penny and more! Great new Sidewinder Multi Led Flashlight from Streamlight for Military, Marine, Aviation, Law Enforcement, Hardware/Tool, Automotive, Sporting Goods and Consumer.

Designed to be the most versatile hands-free flashlight available, the new Sidewinder® from Streamlight gives outdoor enthusiasts, military, first responders and industrial professionals alike additional lighting options and features when compared to the standard right-angle flashlight designs. Now, the popular light has been recommended among the "Best New Gear of the Season" in the October 2007 issues of Army Times and Marine Times.

  • DESCRIPTION: Compact, high performance, multi-source LED flashlight. This flashlight has been engineered to meet a variety of hands free task illumination requirements with various color LEDs operable at varying intensities and runtimes. The light features a 185 degree tilting head and belt or web clip to allow positioning of the light beam at the work area.
  • CASE MATERIAL: High impact super tough nylon case offers exceptional durability and weather resistance. All openings are O-ring sealed. Available in Coyote and OD Green.
  • DIMENSIONS: Maximum Length: 2.31 in. (5.87 cm) Maximum Width: 1.05 in. (2.67 cm) Maximum Depth: 4.63 in. (11.76 cm)
  • WEIGHT: 3.28 ounces (93 grams) 4.96 ounces (141 grams) *
  • LENS: Unbreakable polycarbonate lens with scratch resistant coating. Gasket sealed.
  • LIGHT SOURCES: One half (½) Watt White High Flux LED, 50,000 Hr LED life.
    5mm IR LED (military), peak wavelength 880 nanometers, 100,000 Hr LED life.
    5mm Red LED, peak wavelength 630 nanometers, 100,000 Hr LED life.
    5mm Blue LED, peak wavelength 470 nanometers, 100,000 Hr LED life.
  • LIGHT OUTPUT: ½ Watt LED Rating: 20 Lumens typical at high (100%) intensity. Light output electronically regulated for consistent intensity output over rated battery capacity.
  • MODE SELECTION: Compound On-Off mode selector switch ergonomically separates On-Off-Dimming and mode selection functions. Design does not require the operator to access separate switching locations on the device. Rubber dome actuator and 4 position pull-to-turn locking rotary selector knob with tactile indicator provides easy operation even when wearing heavy gloves.
  • RUN TIME: (ALKALINE) See Chart LED TYPE Low (5%) Intensity Medium 1 (20%) Intensity Medium 2 (50%) Intensity High (100%) Intensity Strobe (at 100% Intensity) ½ Watt White 100Hrs+ 36Hrs 14Hrs+1Hr Low** 7Hrs+3Hrs Low** 14Hrs+6Hrs Low** 5mm Green/IR 100Hrs+ 60Hrs 36Hrs 12Hrs+1Hr Low** 24Hrs+2Hrs Low** 5mm Red 100Hrs+ 70Hrs 40Hrs 14Hrs+1Hr Low** 28Hrs+2Hrs Low** 5mm Blue 100Hrs+ 60Hrs 36Hrs 12Hrs+1Hr Low** 24Hrs+2Hrs Low**
  • ** Intensity automatically shifts to low output at end of rated battery capacity to utilize maximum battery life.
  • BATTERY: Two (2) “AA” size alkaline cells provide fast replacement with readily available batteries. Lithium “AA” cells allow extended operation in extreme temperature environments (-40F to 150F).
  • Tactile battery polarity indication on body allows replacement of cells in dark environmen



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