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Ghillie Suits

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CODE: GF65117-R

Price : $22.95

RIFLE RAG. You camouflage yourself, so why not your gun? Don't let your weapon give you away. Simply, The Rifle Rag is a rifle wrap that is a six foot piece of O.D. Green elastic webbing with dyed jute/burlap or synthetic material tied onto it and then looped around a rifle or...[more]


CODE: SV1007

Price : $2.00

SNIPER VEIL / BODY COVER. Polyester Netting cover is designed to be worn as a veil and is shown in the image to the left wrapped around a Styrofoam head. The veil measures a giant 60 Inches Wide by 100 Inches long, so not only will this conceal your head but quite possibly...[more]

Spandoflage Head Net


Price : $11.95

SPANDOFLAGE HEAD NET. Camouflage headnet that conforms to the shape of the head, eliminating the need for messy paints. Ravel proof feature, allows eyeholes to be cut in any direction or any place. (NOTE: eyeholes must be cut by the end user.) Available in Black, Woodland...[more]

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