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Lock Picking and Entry Tools

Lock Picking and Entry Tools

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Tubular Pick

CODE: LP0010

Price : $69.95

TUBULAR PICK. Picks the "unpickable". This set contains tubular pick and a decoder. This is a great tool for vendors. The decoder will allow you to measure the cuts on your current tubular lock keys and convert the depth of the cuts to numbers. If a key is lost or stolen,...[more]

Electric Lock Pick

CODE: LP0015

Price : $169.95

E500XT Electric Lock Pick. This pick provides high power, is comfortable, easy to use, and covered by a six month warranty for both parts and labor. The powerful long life motor is designed for the E500XT for optimum performance. Like our previous models, the E500XT can be...[more]

Window Punch

CODE: LP0014-N

Price : $5.95

WINDOW PUNCH. Spring loaded window punch will instantly shatter any automobile window. Simply placing the punch against automobile glass and pressing, so as to allow the punch to 'pop', will instantly shatter the window into millions of little pieces. Measuring only 5 inches...[more]

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