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Lock Picking and Entry Tools

Lock Picking and Entry Tools

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Slim Jim Auto Opening Tool

CODE: LP0006

Price : $4.95

Out of stock

SLIM JIM. If your business involves cars or trucks there will come a time when you will need to open a locked vehicle without a key. Instructions included.   NOTICE: By purchasing this item you certify that you are makings such purchases in good faith and that...[more]

How To Open Handcuffs Without Keys

CODE: ML7293

Price : $5.95

HOW TO OPEN HANDCUFFS WITHOUT KEYS. This book covers a selection of handcuffs in popular use today and discusses some of the features with which you should become familiar. With the knowledge in this book you will be able to manufacture your on “personalized” set of lock...[more]

Window Punch

CODE: LP0014-N

Price : $5.95

WINDOW PUNCH. Spring loaded window punch will instantly shatter any automobile window. Simply placing the punch against automobile glass and pressing, so as to allow the punch to 'pop', will instantly shatter the window into millions of little pieces. Measuring only 5 inches...[more]

Warded Keys

CODE: LP0008

Price : $9.95

WARDED KEYS. Picks any warded padlock made today. These keys are made of the finest blue tempered spring steel. This 5 piece set is a must for every locksmith's toolbox.   NOTICE: By purchasing this item you certify that you are makings such purchases in good...[more]

Five Piece Lock Pick set with Instruction Book


Price : $16.95

Out of stock

FIVE PIECE LOCK PICK SET and BOOK This Five piece pick set and 24 page instruction book is designed to get anyone started in the right direction. Pick Set is capable of opening virtually all pin tumbler locks. All four basic pick designs are included – hook, ball, diamond,...[more]

Auto Jigglers Try Out Keys

CODE: LP0009

Price : $24.95

AUTO JIGGLERS. This 10 piece set of try out keys will quickly open and start many foreign and domestic vehicles. They are fairly easy to use, as they do not require the use of a separate tension tool. They will also open large padlocks. A must for the repo or towing...[more]

Thirteen Piece Lock Pick Set

CODE: LP0002

Price : $26.95

BASIC, 13 PICK SET. This 13 piece general purpose lock pick set is ideal for the novice as well as experienced. A complete assortment of tension wrenches and picks. Includes the most popular designed picks and a handy key extractor. Durable leather pouch is included....[more]

Seventeen Piece Deluxe Lock Pick Set

CODE: LP0003

Price : $37.95

Out of stock

DELUXE, 17 PICK SET. This 17 piece set is a handy shirt pocket size. The picks and tension wrenches included are the standard choice of the industry. Each pick is made of hard finished clockspring steel, tempered to the correct degree of hardness. Perfect for wafer, six or...[more]

Pick Gun / Snap Gun

CODE: LP0001

Price : $49.95

Out of stock

PICK GUN. This famous pick gun was designed for law enforcement agencies to quickly pick pin tumbler locks. Unlike conventional hand picks that activates only one or two cylinder pins, this tool is designed to span all the pins at once. Comes complete with 3 stainless steel...[more]

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