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The products featured in this section of our web site are 'Branch Specific' but are not necessarily used exclusively by this branch of the military. This section is not intended to be an all-inclusive listing of branch specific products offered by IMS-PLUS but rather a sample of the items related to this specific branch of the US Military. Simply use the search feature of our web site or the 'Product Index' to find a specific item that you may be looking for.

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Flags on a Stick

CODE: F8463

Price : $0.95

One-ply polyester flag on a stick. Choose from: SMALL - 4"x6" flag on a stick Medium - 12"x18" flag on a sitck  

Defending our Freedom Window Stickers

CODE: F7515

Price : $1.95

DEFENDING OUR FREEDOM Branch Insignia Vinyl Window Stickers. Measure: 3"x 4". Choose from: Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Army, or Navy. Specify branch when ordering.

Branch Insignia Wreath Hat Pins


Price : $2.95

BRANCH INSIGNIA WREATH HAT PINS. Each of these hat pins features each branches individual crest surrounded by a "free-floating" gold wreath. 1 1/8" Diameter with single clutch back pin. Choose from: Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, or Navy.

US Military Branch Window Pendants

CODE: 3100-F

Price : $2.95

US MILITARY BRANCH WINDOW PENDANTS. Double sided pendants with yellow fringe measure approximately 5"x6" and hang by a golden string with suction cup. Choose from: Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Army, or Navy

Navy Seal Trident, Miniature Hat Pin Size

CODE: 16051-H

Price : $2.95

Miniature Hat Pin U.S. NAVY SEAL TRIDENT. Available in either Gold colored (Officer) or Brushed Silver (Enlisted).†Metal pin-on insignia. Measures 1 3/8" x 5/8".

SEAL Team Patches and / or Pins


Price : $2.95

EMBROIDERED US NAVY SEAL TEAM PATCHES. Each full color patch measures 3 inches in diameter. Choose from Seal Team 1, Seal Team 2, Seal Team 3, Seal Team 4, Seal Team 5, Seal Team 6, or Seal Team 8 ENAMELED US NAVY SEAL TEAM HAT PINS. Each full color Hat Pin...[more]

Embroidered Military Branch Rectangular Patch

CODE: 1550-R

Price : $2.95


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