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Hand Grenade, Dummy Inert Grenade Replica

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CODE: GD1048

Price: $8.95
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HAND GRENADE, Dummy Inert Grenade Replicas

Choose From:

  • Pineapple Grenade. 3-piece full size cast metal body dummy Mark II pineapple grenade with removable fuse assembly, spoon, pin and ring.
  • . 3-piece full cast metal body dummy M33 baseball type grenade with removable fuse assembly, spoon, pin and ring.
  • Lemon Grenade. 3-piece full cast replica cast metal body dummy M12 Vietnam era lemon grenade with removable fuse assembly, spoon, ring and pin.

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Author: Arthur Cook
Date added: 04/08/2011, 11.48.59 PM


Very realistic, good movie prop. No spring in the trigger/spoon though, so it just sits there when you pull the pin. They rust easily, so if you get them wet then dry them off ASAP. Very cool, great for fooling hunting buddies.
Author: Colin
Date added: 12/08/2008, 11.10.48 PM


I bought a two for my friends' Christmas presents and one for myself. They should make good paper weights or something.
Author: Leland
Date added: 9/09/2008, 02.56.13 PM


Got a few of the pineapples. I primed and painted the body olive drab. i don't know if the real ones are that color or not. They sure get peoples attention now!

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