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Fire Starters, Matches, and Lighters

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CODE: LR0767-F

Price : $4.95

Out of stock

GRENADE LIGHTER. This is a novelty lighter in the shape of a hand grenade. Squeeze the 'spoon' and the lighter ignites with a flame out the top and plays a 10 second sound clip of gunfire and a person saying "fire, fire" and "hit the deck" with more sounds of gunfire....[more]


CODE: FS0672-N

Price : $5.95

Out of stock

MAGNESIUM FIRE STARTER. Aviator magnesium fire starter with shaving edge, sparking insert, and beaded carrying chain. This is a must for every survival kit. Simply shave off some slivers of magnesium with a knife and ignite them in a pile of tinder by striking the sparking...[more]


CODE: FS4586-R

Price : $1.95

PLASTIC MATCHBOX. Now available in both Olive Drab and Orange. Water proof plastic container to store matches.  Fire starter at the bottom of container.  Mirror in cover.  Small convenient size.   (Matches not included.) NEW.


CODE: LR0769-F

Price : $5.95

Out of stock

RIFLE CLIP LIGHTER. This is a novelty lighter in the rifle clip with bullets. Push down on the top bullet and a torch flame ignites out the top of another "bullet" Refillable with easily available butane. Measures 3"x 1.125". NEW. Sold Individually. (Cannot be shipped out of...[more]


CODE: FX89643-NR

Price : $5.95

SEVEN-IN-ONE ADVENTURE TOOL. This handy little tool measures only 1"x4" yet packs some of the most important survival gear you could ever need. Shatterproof ABS plastic construction features a break-a-way neck cord, detachable 5x magnifying glass, safety mirror,...[more]

Sparkie™ Fire Starter

CODE: FS9020

Price : $16.95

Sparkie Fire Starter, the newest fire starter from Ultimate Survival Technologies, features one-handed operation in a lightweight, compact design. Built on the premise of the original BlastMatch, Sparkie can be operated with one hand and start your fire even in the...[more]

Strike Force ® Fire Starting System

CODE: FS0515-B

Price : $19.95

STRIKE FORCE® FIRE STARTING SYSTEM. The system combines in one compact, durable package a special alloy flint bar, hardened steel striker, and revolutionary Wet Fire tinder. Scraping the striker down the flint generates a spark three times as hot as a standard match to ignite...[more]


CODE: FS3102

Price : $14.95

SWEDISH FIRE STEEL. Originally developed by the Swedish Defense Department, the Firesteel fire starter lets you start a fire in any weather. Approved by the International Survival Instructors Association. Measuring three inch long Fire starter/ Sparker is simple to use and...[more]

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