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CFP-90 BACKPACK SYSTEM, Complete with Main Pack and Patrol Pack

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CODE: BP54457-F

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The CFP-90 is the U.S. military's largest combat pack. It is designed for cold weather operations because it can hold your sleep system, bulky clothing, and almost anything else needed for long range patrolling. Features an internal frame that transfers load weight to the hips. This pack has an adjustable torso allowing the pack to fit 95% of all men and women. Rugged aircraft aluminum internal staves that are pre-curved to perfectly fit the wearers back. Stabilizers anchored to frame for precision lead balance, thus relieving neck and shoulder strain. Flexible sternum strap to reduce shoulder fatigue and adjust to your breathing. Zippered sleeping bag access for easy bottom entry without hampering the pack's overall integrity. Storm seal drawstring collar closure for content security. Removable padded waist belt. One inch fabric radio pocket. Side-slot pockets for carrying long items. Side compressor straps. Side cargo pockets. Removable mesh lumbar support. Optional Removable Combat Patrol Pack. Constructed from rugged tactical polyester . Capacity up to 6590 cubic inches. Weight 8 pounds 8 ounces. This is the ultimate in backpacks!!!

CFP-90 MAIN COMBAT PACK. Features: Rugged aluminum internal frame. Adjustable padded shoulder straps w/sternum strap. Zippered sleeping bag access. Drawstring collar closure. Super padded kidney pad & lumbar support. Huge side pockets. Side compression straps. Constructed from rugged tactical polyester. Top grab handle. Measures 26" X 13" X 9" NEW.

CFP-90 PATROL PACK. This is the smaller parasite pack for the CFP-90. Features large main compartment with large front pocket and padded shoulder straps. Top Grab handle. Constructed from rugged tactical polyester. Measures 15"x15"x9".

Author: Kevin
Date added: 01/20/2013, 01.59.03 PM


This pack is a remake of the CFP-90. It is made by Fox which claims to use better than military specs. The Fox CFP-90 packs have mixed reviews. I think the quality depends on which dealer you buy it from. The Fox pack I got from IMS is very well made. The material is very tough and the stitching was tight and well done throughout both pack. It has a built in radio pack and holes on both sides for the radio antenna, which is great for a water bladder. It is very large and the patrol pack fits on the top or on the back of the main pack. Many adjustments make it comfortable for anyone. IMS is the best price I could find for the two and the quality is great.
Author: Ben
Date added: 08/08/2010, 12.16.47 AM


I have one of the military issue versions of these (I've seen the in store packs, they are very high quality but civilian produced) and I could'nt be more pleased with it. It can carry everything I need in my 72-hour pack (and WAY more!). But please be aware that the way they show the patrol pack attached is incorrect. I've tried using mine mounted like that it flops around alot. The real (the way the USAF does it, and I would assume other branches do it as well seeing as it is the only method that works well) way you are supposed to attach the patrol pack is by clipping it to the 2 clips at the very top of the pack and then clipping the bottom clips to the clipps that usually hold the sleeping bag area closed (but that area has a zipper keeping it closed so this won't make your sleeping bag fall out). IMS if you could post corrected pictures it may clear up some confusion.

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