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GI Style Wool Blanket

CODE: BK9084-R

Price : $24.95

GI Type 70% wool blankets. Measures 62"x 80". Specify: Solid OD no logo, U.S text logo on Olive Drab blanket,or Navy Blue. Black wool blanket is 80% wool and measures 64"x84"



Price : $31.95

MIL-SPEC PONCHO LINER. (Affectionately known as a Woobie ) Made from 100% ripstop nylon quilted to a polyester fiber fill that is made to do double duty. This liner unfolds to 58"x 86" and can be used with a poncho as an improvised sleeping bag. Includes tie strings for easy...[more]

Military Themed Snuggie® style sleeved blanket

CODE: BK2850-R

Price : $34.95

These military themed fleece blankets with sleeves are styled after the ever popular Snuggie® blanket we have all seen on TV. Constructed from warm and soft fleece material wit sleeves to keep your hands free, machine washable, one size fits most, measures...[more]

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