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CODE: AP4075-F

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CANVAS BOXED AMMO POUCH. This canvas ammo pouch is styled after the Korean war era M1956 Universal Ammo Pouch. Designed to carry 20 round M14 magazines this cotton canvas pouch will also hold 20 and 30 round M-16/ AR-15 magazines. Pouch measures: 4.5"x 2.5"x 7" and features ALICE belt clips, grenade loop on each side, adjustable spring-clip 'stability' strap and 'tab thru ring' lid closure. Available in Olive Drab or Black. NEW.
Author: Tayyib
Date added: 04/22/2012, 06.50.11 AM


Cabela's (among many, many others) sells what they call a Duty Belt . It's msaewhot thicker and significantly stiffer.If you're having problems with your holstered pistol, it's probably your belt.Go with a *real* gun belt from one of the dedicated suppliers BeltMan, Wilderness Tactical, etc. and you'll have the best you can get. Those belts are cut from different leather, generally two layers cut from specific bits to make the grain go just so. They'll be comfortable and keep everything just how it should be for years and years.Me, I just have the Cabela's belt. Cheaper and easier to get, even if you do need a new one every couple of years.Oh yeah, circling around counterclockwise mine has:DROID cellphoneFlashlight (NovaTac 120P)Spare magPistolGerber multitool (I like the switchblade pliers)Benchmade knife in sheathCameraI'm not terribly huggable, but I am handy to have around.

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