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The products featured in this section of our web site are 'Branch Specific' but are not necessarily used exclusively by this branch of the military. This section is not intended to be an all-inclusive listing of branch specific products offered by IMS-PLUS but rather a sample of the items related to this specific branch of the US Military. Simply use the search feature of our web site or the 'Product Index' to find a specific item that you may be looking for.

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USAF Pilot Survival Knife


Price : $64.95

Out of stock

USAF PILOTS SURVIVAL KNIFE. Genuine issue to both U.S army and USAF pilots. Features: saw-back edge, hexagonal butt cap, leather washer handle, , high carbon parkerized steel blade. Leather sheath features carbourndum stone and securing lace. Measures 9.5" overall....[more]

US Military Branch Window Pendants

CODE: 3100-F

Price : $2.95

US MILITARY BRANCH WINDOW PENDANTS. Double sided pendants with yellow fringe measure approximately 5"x6" and hang by a golden string with suction cup. Choose from: Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Army, or Navy

PT T-Shirt

CODE: PT6080-R

Price : $7.95

Click on "IMAGES" tab to see all patterns available. GREY PT T-SHIRT. GI Style physical training grey short sleeve T-shirt. Heavyweight poly cotton blend t-shirt. Branch name silk screened across the chest.


CODE: SB3800

Price : $29.95

MILITARY BRANCH PICTURE FRAME. These beautiful 16"x8" picture frames feature a die-cast gold plated branch medallion centered on a photo mat between two 4"x6" photo openings. The bevel-cut, double mat and solid wood frame combine to create...[more]


CODE: BC3565

Price : $7.95

FREEDOM FIGHTER STOCKING CAP. Proudly display your preferred branch of service with one of these beautifully designed stocking cap. Color coordinated to each branches colors with dual embroidered crests . 100% Acrylic. One size fits most. Embroidered insignia and lettering....[more]


CODE: BC3557

Price : $5.95

Out of stock

FREEDOM FIGHTER DEW RAG. Proudly display your preferred branch of service with one of these beautifully designed head wraps. Color coordinated to each branches colors. Danbanna™ Deluxe head wrap features double layer ties and tail with terrycloth sweatband. One size fits most....[more]

Flags on a Stick

CODE: F8463

Price : $0.95

One-ply polyester flag on a stick. Choose from: SMALL - 4"x6" flag on a stick Medium - 12"x18" flag on a sitck  

Embroidered Military Branch Rectangular Patch

CODE: 1550-R

Price : $2.95


Defending our Freedom Window Stickers

CODE: F7515

Price : $1.95

DEFENDING OUR FREEDOM Branch Insignia Vinyl Window Stickers. Measure: 3"x 4". Choose from: Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Army, or Navy. Specify branch when ordering.

Car Window Flags

CODE: F840132

Price : $6.95

Two ply Polyester flag with plastic window mount and pole. Flag measures 12"x18". Mounts securely to your vehicle simply by clamping it over your window. Easy on /Easy off, will not damage vehicle.

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