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950,000 Volt Stun-Zilla Personal Protection Package

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High powered stun guns from Stun-zilla put out a powerful bright blue flash of light when fired and a cracking sound that will often scare your attacker away without even having to use the weapon. However, if he doesn't get the hint, then Stun-zilla will give him just the education he needs. This powerful little unit will bring a giant to his knees instantly and have him weeping with pain.

About the size of a pack of cigarettes you can easily hide it in your pocket, purse, or even disguise it in a pack of cigarettes. The Safety Button will prevent accidental discharge, so you have no need to worry about accidentally shocking yourself.

Also in this package, you get a canister of powerful Pepper Spray. You have to pity the poor fool that comes after anyone that is this prepared....they are going to be in a world of hurt!

STUN GUNS, are a non-lethal weapon that are an effective device used to subdue a person. Stun Guns work on a principle where high voltage pluses are applied to a person's muscle causing them to be vigorously exercised. This results in instant fatigue, causing weakness and loss of balance. The effects of a stun gun are temporary. The stun gun victim will be weak, lethargic, and disoriented for several minutes allowing sufficient time for a person to escape. Our stun guns are economically priced with the maximum stopping power. Feature wrist strap and a safety switch.


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